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Where to Find Public WIFI Access in Cuba

At the moment, there are 189 public WIFI locations in Cuba.

The official rate is $2 per hour for access at a public WIFI location. Hotels often sell Internet access cards at a premium, usually $5 per hour for access within their facility. Network congestion and slow speeds characterize Internet use in Cuba. Generally, you can accomplish basic tasks using Cuba’s Internet, but you can forget about downloading the entire HD version of Dr. Zhivago. ETESCA is the Cuban state ISP for the entire country.

Some U.S. websites block access from Cuba. Here is why some websites are unavailable from Cuba.

Temporary access to Cuba’s public Internet is offered through prepaid cards that are not rechargeable. The cards have an active period of 30 calendar days from the first connection. Prepaid cards are in demand by tourists and are marketed in ETESCA’s retail locations and in hotels, airports and tourist locations.

It is common to find large numbers of Cubans crowding around the public WIFI locations at night when it is cooler outside.

Several luxury and business hotels offer access in rooms. The Hotel Saratoga has the best Internet access we have encountered in Cuba.

Here are all the current public WIFI access points in Cuba (excluding private locations like hotels):




Villa Clara


Ciego de Ávila

Pinar de Rio

Las Tunas





Santiago de Cuba

Sancti Spiritus


Isla de la Juventud

  • Boulevard Nueva Gerona
  • Park Students / Cotorras
  • Park Cinema Faith
 Source: ETESCA
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