Secret Cigar Shop

A Secret Cigar Shop in Havana

Havana does not lack for great cigar shops.

But if you venture a bit further, you can find somewhere special, somewhere few travelers have been.

Secret Cigar Shop
The bar at Los Tres Reyes (note: you have to buy your own bottle, so make sure you’re with a group of friends)
Los Tres Reyes
The bar at Los Tres Reyes. (Note: you have to purchase rum here by the bottle, so make sure you bring friends).

Here, past the edge of Miramar, is a tiny cigar shop and smoking lounge inside the Marina Hemingway, a place where those without boats seldom head.

Secret Cigar Shop

It’s called Los Tres Reyes, and there is a surprisingly wide selection of habanos (with a particular emphasis on the Montecristo brand) in its walk-in humidor, along with a wide selection of Cuban rums and a gift shop.

Secret Cigar Shop

There’s also a great VIP smoking lounge in the back, replete with leather chairs and dim lighting, where you can feel that you’ve found your own Cuban cigar oasis.

Because you have.

— CJ Staff

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