Frank Gehry Just Sailed to Cuba


World-renowned architect Frank Gehry just visited Cuba — and in classic Gehry style.

The Canadian design, who is an avid sailor, legend came to Havana on athe sailboat he designed — Foggy — and quickly offered his expertise to Cuba, the country’s government said.

Gehry was in the capital to speak with the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, holding talks with Cuban poet Miguel Barnet.

“You know that Cuba is at the center of attention of many people,” Gehry told the crowd. “And in the immediate future it will attract many investors — particularly the tourism sector. But I am sure that you know to be careful with those projects.”

As if perfectly describing the feeling in Old Havana, Gehry said “a building can have feelings,” lamenting the uniformity of much architecture around the world.

“When we see or use these buildings, we respond to such feelings and our spirit is encouraged,” he said. “They help us to be better people.”

This was not Gehry’s first visit to Cuba, having come to the island 15 years ago to meet and listen to the Buena Vista Social Club.

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