Havana Club Union: The Ultimate Rum-Cigar Pairing in Cuba

It’s meant to be paired with a cigar.

Of course that isn’t unusual – if you’re looking for a rum to a pair with a cigar, Cuban rum is often your best bet. That’s because Cuban rums are so well balanced that they never overwhelm the flavor of a cigar, always working in tandem.

But this one is different.

This rum is meant to be paired with a specific cigar.

It’s called Havana Club Union, and this ultra premium rum from Cuba is meant to be paired with a Cohiba.

In fact, Union is the product of a collaboration between Maestro Ronero Asbel Morales and master Habano sommelier Fernando Fernandez Milian.

‘Havana Club Unión and Cohiba Cigars represent distinguished expressions from the same soil and authentic tradition; their shared origins and rich heritage make them natural partners,” Morales says.

But how does it taste on its own?

At a recent tasting in Havana I tried Union, one of the most expensive rums one can purchase in Cuba — hence its typical placement on whatever shelf is higher than the bar’s top shelf.

The short answer? It’s out of this world.

The long answer? It’s got a classic amber color, with a clean aroma of brown sugar and citrus peel.

The complex flavor is marked by notes of malt, toffee, Caramel, chocolate and vanilla and a hint of candied fruit with a smooth but luxurious finish.

This is at the height of what is possible in Cuban rum, and cigar or no cigar, it’s a superstar.

— Alexander Britell

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