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Here’s a Conference about Hotel, Tourism and Real Estate Development in Cuba

SAHIC Cuba’s event on May 15-16th, 2017 in Havana at the Melia Cohiba Hotel will be this year’s premier event for hotel, tourism and real estate development in Cuba.

Attendees will learn about where the industry is and where it is heading, where the opportunities lie, how to meet the right people and build relationships that facilitate possibilities for business on the island.

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Hotels, resorts or related real estate developments, including shared ownership, recreational projects or tourism developments more generally, will be the focus of SAHIC Cuba. Networking is another priority – there will be various various activities to promote communication between key players in the industry.

The event consists of two days of activities that will contribute to the development of business deals in the Caribbean island nation. Cuba’s transition is gathering pace and the future for travel and tourism is the main focus of the country’s development plans.

Tourism continues to grow in Cuba and will continue to grow at surprising levels. Since December 2014, the country’s tourist arrival rate rose 7%, a notable percentage for a two-year period. As of December 30, 2016, Cuba reached four million tourist arrivals, an increase of 13% compared to 2015. Tourism has become the second largest generator of income in the country, behind that of professional services, reaching $2.8 billion in 2016.

Speakers: Cuban Functionaries. Executives of the main Cuban companies from the hotel, tourism and leisure industry key players in the market. Leaders chosen for the knowledge of the industry and their experience.

Attendees:High executives and decision makers, investors,  hotel owners, developers, operators, executives  from the chains, financial consultants, real estate  agents, lawyers, designers, architects, consultants,  civil servants from the tourism sector, government  functionaries from all sectors of the hotel industry  and from all over the world.

Sponsors: Companies that are leaders in the hotel investment industry.

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