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Here’s How to Plan a Trip to Cuba

Planning your trip to Cuba is a vital part of discovery and memory making.

It’s a real place with a history and complexity. It’s probably the most interesting place in the world today because of how it impacts visitors. In terms of architecture, art, music and the warmth of the Cubans themselves, you’re not going to find another place that will leave a lasting memory like Cuba. On a fun and superficial level, riding around old Havana in an antique American car is a great experience.

On a deeper level, Cuba will challenge most travelers – visiting from modern cities – who associate newness with relevance and happiness with abundance.

Restaurant in Santa Clara, Cuba
Florida Center restaurant in Santa Clara, Cuba

The Obama administration loosened restrictions on travel to Cuba for a wide variety of purposes except vacation.

U.S. travelers need to have a family ties, official business, or an educational, religious or humanitarian agenda to comply with existing rules. Most travelers easily comply with the rules by self-certifying under the “people-to-people” category that involves cultural engagement.

Cuba remains the only country in the world where Americans are subject to travel restrictions, but there is a lot you can within within the rules.

Here is information about U.S. travel rules and restrictions.

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