How to Bring Back a Box of Cuban Cigars From Havana


Want to buy a box of Cuban cigars in Cuba you can actually bring back?

A reddish brown petit corona, the Sancho Panza is a wonderful if largely unknown smoke.

Geared largely the Spanish market, as its name would suggest, Sancho Panza is one of Cuba’s undiscovered brands, offering great taste and, even more importantly, great value.

That became particularly clear on a recent trip to Havana, when rediscovered the Non Plus on a trip to the Casa del Habano in the basement of the Hotel Nacional.

A petit corona, it is a medium bodied, robust puro with the signature Sancho Panza nutty aroma. This is a cigar with flavor and character — a wonderful little smoke.

But the best part is that it’s exceedingly cheap – at just about $4 a smoke, it’s one of the few boxes you can legally bring back under the new travel requirements from OFAC.

The law says you can bring back no more than $100 of alcohol or tobacco merchandise (and only for personal use), so here’s the simple method: buy a box of the Non Plus and take one or two cigars out to smoke before you head back to the States.

Just make sure you buy them at a reputable outlet — like La Casa del Habano.

— Cuba Journal

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