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Kardashians Not “Keeping Up with the Cubans”

Following on the heels of visits by Beyonce and Jay Z, The Rolling Stones, and the House of Chanel — the Kardashian Clan just wrapped up their first journey to Cuba.

As with most things Kardashian, it was not without controversy. Jetting in and out on their private plane, the Kardashians’ visit seems to have bothered not just the Cuban people – but, well, just about everybody else too.kardashian cuba

To the Kardashians, it seems that Cuba served as just another fun, colorful backdrop to their daily diet of selfies and photo-ops. Instagram photos of Kim, Kourney and Khloe, along with Kim’s famous-rapper husband, Kanye West, and their kids, were met with criticism from many politicos and pundits who believe the shots were “culturally insensitive” and glorified life in the Communist country.

At the same time, reports abounded on all the entertainment channels that the Kardashians were extremely frustrated throughout their trip by the lack of easy Internet access, and the difficulties they had posting to SnapChat and Instagram.

I guess life in Cuba is not always easy. Maybe the Kardashians missed the memo.

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