New Life in Santiago de Cuba’s Hotel Sector

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Santiago de Cuba’s hotel product is getting better.

The city’s Gran Hotel and Imperial Hotel, located on the city’s Calle Enramadas, are now opening following large renovation projects.

Both are located within walking distance of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Park, and will be operated by the Cubanacan Group.

The Gran Hotel, formerly the Bayamo Hotel and then Formatur School, added 42 rooms, while the nearby Imperial added 39 rooms, after undergoing an extensive restoration.

The Santiago hotel industry also welcomed the establishment of a new hotel, the 12-room Punta Gorda in the second half of 2015.

Paula Vazquez, commercial specialist of the delegation of the Ministry of Tourism, said that these developments will make the destination more accessible for foreign customers.

She noted that the number of foreign customers, mainly emerging from the markets of Canada, France, and Germany, increased by 30.6 percent from 2014.

— Dana Niland

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