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Participate in the Havana Marathon 2016

Participating in the Marabana Havana Marathon 2016 has become easier for US citizens.

There are two options: book a flight and travel individually or sign up with a people-to-people tour and make the marathon a deeper dive into Cuba’s magical sights and friendly people.

Here are the current rules for travel to Cuba from the US.

General Race Information

  • Date of the race: Sunday the 20th of November 2016
  • Race start time: 07:00h
  • Close of the race: 12:00h
  • Start and finish line: Paseo del Prado between Teniente Rey and San José (Front of the Capitol)
  • Limit of Participants: 5.000 runners
  • Types of race: Marathon, half marathon and 5km/10km
  • The race will have a disabled category.

Registration Fees

  • Until July 30: 50€Best of Cuba
  • Until October 31: 60€
  • Until November 15: 75€

* Registration fees are the same for the 3 distances (Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k)

* Prices of the inscriptions sets the direction of the event on this website and can not be altered or changed by any tour operator and will have legal responsibility according to the laws of the country where it occurs.

Register here

Race day schedule

  • 05.00 until 06.50 am: Report and departure from call room.
  • 07.00 am: Start the race.
  • 10.00 am: Trophy presentation to the overall winners.
  • 12.00 pm: Close of race.

Collection of dorsal

All the runners signed up to the Habana Marathon must collect their dorsal from inside Kid Chocolate, situated in the Paseo del Prado, Teniente Rey and San José (Front of Capitol)

The dates and times available to collect the dorsal

  • Thursday 17th of November between 9.00 and 18.00.
  • Friday 18th of November between 9.00 and 18.00.
  • Saturday 19th of November between 9.00 and 18.00.

Important advice: Registrations will not be processed nor cancelled the day of the race.


  • Trophies will be awarded to the the overall winner, male and female from the following categories: 10k, half Marathon and Marathon;
  • The first three qualified male and female of each category called in the races of Marathon and half Marathon;
  • Special awards to racers who are deaf, blind in wheelchairs;
  • The racers with special needs will have convocations, regulations and special awards depending on the number of participants who sign up for a particular category (and that have more than 8 participants).


Friday 18th of November

  • Participation in the Presentation of Marabana/Maracuba

Saturday 19th of November

  • Participation in Maracuba.Cuban girl in red
  • Participation in the Maratoniana lunch.
  • Familiarization tour.
  • Visit to the location for dorsal collection.
  • Visit to the location for medical check.

Sunday 20th of November

  • Participation in Marabana


The circuit where the race of the Marathon and half Marathon will be run is certified by the AIMS/IAAF. It is 21 kilometers and 97,50 meters from the start to finish line and therefore completing the circuit twice has the distance of 42km and 195m.

The start and finish line is in the Paseo del Prado between Teniente Rey and San José, the racecourse compromises the following streets and avenues: Prado, Refugio, Zulueta, ave. De las Misiones, Malecón, Calzada, street 12, street 23, ave. 26, Boyeros, Santa Catalina, Primelles, Vía Blanca, Boyeros, Salvador Allende, Reina and Prado.


1. The race has a time limit for the half marathon until 10.00am (three hours) and for the marathon until 12.00pm (five hours);

2. The output report will be for each runner individually in the schedule established in the program;

3. Runners must travel the circuit using the street (pavement) without shortening the path through other unofficial ways, not identified in the race plan;

4. The circuit allows only the use of the path to the extreme right in malecón, calzada, street 23 and avenue 26 – there will be a possibility of being required to use an alternative path for these instances. In these cases only official alternates will be allowed;

5. For the racers of the 5km, foreign runners and walkers will finish at the official finish line;

6.  Runners who sign up to the marathon and later decide to finish at the half marathon point will be disqualified – technical direction will be able to recognize runners finish time at the point of termination; however in no case shall these runners have the right to awards;

7. Runners who sign up to the half marathon that later decide to continue the full marathon can be reprimanded by being forced to abandon the race;

8. The runners registered in the 5km and 10km are only entitled to the race the course and distances that they were signed up to. If they choose to continue or finish another distance the result will not be considered official;

9. Runners with missing dorsal will be removed from the circuit and will not be permitted to cross the finish line;

10. The dorsal or number should be fixed in the front part of the shirt used to cover the torso. No runner can alter, fold or eliminate part of the number or dorsal that has been supplied. That could be a reason for a warning in the first instance or disqualification from the race;

11. Runners who compete using auxiliary means or improper clothing (shorts, sweaters, or T-shirts) without the authorization of race officials will be warned or disqualified;

12. The finish line can be divided into sections for the entrance of the runners depending on the race distance or in the case of the racers in the disable category depending on the mode in which they compete;

13. Control teams exist in special points of the circuit that will register all runners and will have the possibility of knowing the runners place indicated and the distance established’

14. Claims will be personally handled following the requisites established in the regulations of the AIMS and the IAAF;

15. Runners of the special needs can participate in whichever of the distances they are able to complete. They must seek authorization by writing from race officials. This can also include: runners in skates, skateboards, runners with crutches, runners using tricycles powered by hand, and runners who use non-traditional clothing;

16. The director of the event can establish for the runners with special needs, announcements, regulations and delivery of special awards. It is dependant of the number of participants that have registered in the particular mode and always there must be more than 8 registered;

17. Cuban runners will be identified with a province team of their residency, university central or military unit – registrations and results will be listed similarly;

18. Runners authorized to participate in the disabled category may have marked identification on their dorsal;

19. All runners are required to wear appropriate clothing to run, without phrases of profanity, offensiveness or inappropriateness for a sporting event;

20. All the runners that finish will receive a specific certificate: name, finish time, general place and place in their category;

21. All the results will be public in the same page as the finalization of the test;

22. In the case of suspension of the race for extreme reasons the participants who has paid their registration shall have the right to participate in the Marabana next year for free. If they are unable to participate the following year will need to supply to the event director an exception that permits them to participate in second year after the suspension. Your reward after running so many kilometers will be resting and enjoying in the beaches of Cuba!

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