Rums of Cuba: Ron Santiago de Cuba 12 Años

ron santiago de cuba 12

It’s the best rum you’ve never heard of: Cuba’s Santiago de Cuba, far less famous than its Cuban sibling Havana Club, but, for the island’s rum aficionados, often far better.

In fact, Ron Santiago de Cuba’s 11 Años took home our inaugural award for Best Cuban Rum last year.

But the Santiago range is wide, and it’s hard to find an expression you won’t fall in love with.

Like, for instance, the one-year-older Santiago 12 Años.

Better still, while the 11 is generally harder to find in Cuba, the 12 Años has wider distribution at both shops and bars. And it’s equally superb.

The Santiago 12 has an aroma of caramel and candied fruit, with a flavor profile marked by brown sugar, caramel, a hint of vanilla and pepper.

The finish is smooth and wonderful.

This is a lovely rum, and one of Cuba’s greatest.

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