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Sailing To Cuba Will Require Yacht Services and Planning

While U.S. pleasure boats are not restricted from sailing to and from Cuba, there are special rules that apply only to Cuba for vessels traveling between the U.S. and Cuba.

Planning is critical to avoiding fines and/or seizure by the U.S. government whether the vessel is foreign or U.S. flagged.

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Persons of U.S. jurisdiction (ie. citizens, resident aliens etc) must comply with U.S. government rules for travel to Cuba. There are Cuba-specific travel restrictions that require U.S. citizens to comply with one of 12 categories of travel. Most people comply by self-certifying under the “people to people” or cultural exchange category. Cuban travel visas can be purchased from your yacht services provider for about $75.

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For both U.S. self-certification and Cuban travel visas, there is no need to apply or self-certify until just prior to departure or arrival.

According to Michael Moore, a leading maritime attorney based in Coral Gables, Florida, the list of requirements he advises adhering to includes:

1.      US Coast Guard CG 3300 Approved Permit (2 copies)

2.      US Coast Guard Documentation Form ( If yours is a documented Vessel)

3.      State Registration (If applicable)

4.      US Customs Decal number and sticker

5.      Copy of your insurance policy with Cuban coverage

6.     All Persons onboard have a Valid Passport valid for a least 6 months remaining

7.     Proof of Payment of To Any Official Cuban Event, such as a Fishing Tournament with Registration and Proof of Payment

8.     Proof of Payment of Hotel (If Applicable)

9.     Issued Cuban Visa for each crew member (Traveling by boat)

10.   Completed Cuban “Declaracion” (General Statement of Foreign Vessels)

11.   Certification of Travel to Cuba Under General License (Executed)

12.   Cuban “Lista De Tripulantes” (Listing of crews Visa Number, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Citizenship, Sex and Passport Number

13.   Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS) Approval or Local Boater Option Card (Optional but, if not acquired you and all crew members will need to report to a US Customs office within 24 hours of entering the US and could face boarding and/or inspection)

14.   Copy of Moore & Co. Email confirming your exemption from the Department of Commerce and US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control Permits

Here’s how to contact Moore & Company

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