Direct Flights From Brazil to Cuba?

Brazilian air carrier GOL is looking to add flights to Cuba, the company announced. In its latest monthly report, GOL said it was planning to add several new Latin American destinations, including Havana. Right now, Brazil sends a negligible amount of tourists to Cuba, particularly in comparison to other Latin American countries like Colombia, Venezuela … Read more

Why Chanel Is Coming to Cuba

By Dana Niland Cuba Journal Contributor Chanel has announced that it will stage a show in Cuba on May 3, 2016, the fashion line’s first in Latin America. The brand will present its new Cruise collection at the event, which it hosts annually at locations around the world including Miami, Venice, Singapore, Dubai, and Seoul. … Read more

Pew Study Shows Latin Americans Approve of Cuba’s Detente with USA

Pew Study Shows Latin Americans Approve of Cuba’s Detente with USA

As the velocity of reconciliation between the US and Cuba quickens, a recent Pew Research Center survey indicates that Latin Americans approve of the detente and support the end of the US trade embargo.  Many Latin Americans surveyed say they expect that Cuba will become more democratic over the next several years. Yet, overall perceptions … Read more

How Latin America Feels About the US-Cuba Thaw

By the Cuba Journal staff A new report by Pew Research Center reflects approval from Latin Americans regarding the normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba. A median of 77 percent of those polled expressed approval for the recent re-establishment of ties between the nations, and 76 percent support an end to the … Read more