The Best Cuban Rum — 2015

best cuban rum
The Best Cuban Rum 2015 – Ron Santiago de Cuba 11 Anos

What’s the best rum in Cuba?

It’s a question people often asks us, but it’s one that has many answers.

Is it the best value, like Havana Club Anejo Especial? Or the most expensive, like Havana Club Maximo?

Right now, it’s one: Santiago de Cuba 11 Años.

And it isn’t just the favorite of bartenders around Havana — it’s the favorite of in-the-know connoisseurs, too.

It’s not as well known as its 12-year old sibling, Santiago de Cuba 12 Años — indeed, its label is unique among the the brand’s range. But that’s because it’s something special.

This is a wonderful aged rum, sweet with notes of candied fruit, caramel and a lovely, semi-dry finish.

It’s best enjoyed neat, like all great Cuban rums.

Congratulations to the best Cuban rum of 2015: Santiago de Cuba 11 Años.

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