Hotel Saratoga Havana bar

The Best Luxury Hotel in Cuba 2016

Across the street from the Havana’s Capital building and next to La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), the Hotel Saratoga offers ideal access to the best parts of Havana, day or night.

Our experience at Hotel Saratoga convinced us of this hotel’s superiority based on the things that luxury travelers value most in Havana: a good Internet connection, comfort and rich aesthetics.

In an exclusive interview with the hotel’s designer, Arquitectura de Interiores, the team commented about hotel’s unique history:

The Hotel Saratoga has a history of its own. Apart from being one of the first full-service hotels in Havana, quite luxurious by the way, it was also, during the 30’s, the watering hole for many in the bohemian-intellectual class in Havana. It was very common to find writers, actors and socialites spending time at the “Aires Libres”. This site, the long arched Portal at both sides of the main entry on the hotel, was made famous while the Anacaonas, the first Cuban all-women orchestra, were rising into stardom playing there. It is impossible to bypass these credentials.

Hotel Saratoga Havana Boutique Hotel
Front Desk, Hotel Saratoga, Havana, Cuba

Hotel Saratoga is the best example of a luxury hotel in Havana. Rates of $280/night for a Deluxe Patio room (cheapest category) seemed reasonable compared other similar hotels in other major cities in the off season.   Rates in the high season (November – April) for a similar room can exceed $400/night.

The hotel made headlines during Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 2013 fifth wedding anniversary visit. They stayed in the famous Havana Suite.

The building that houses the hotel has a remarkable history. It was commissioned by the Spanish merchant Eugenio Palacios between 1879 and 1880.

Hotel Saratoga Havana Boutique Hotel
Hotel Saratoga Havana, Cuba

The building preserved its vitality until the 60s when the revolutionary government nationalized it. Later it became a low class rooming house with many sub-partitions until it was finally closed down due to neglect and deterioration. It was renovated in 2005 to its current glorious condition.

The hotel has 96 rooms including 7 suites and various junior suites and is managed to an international 5-star standard.  It has 49 junior suites with the rest being deluxe patio rooms.  There are two restaurants and three bars.

Hotel Saratoga Havana Boutique Hotel
Hotel Saratoga Havana, Cuba

We were pleasantly surprised by the property-wide Internet access.  We spent a few hours in the rooftop pool/bar area with our laptops connected at reasonable speeds.  This differs greatly from our experience at other luxury hotels where Internet connections are available only in the lobby and often at slow speeds.  Also, we were not required to purchased Internet cards for access.  Perhaps the hotel has its own satellite link?

Hotel Saratoga Havana facade
Poolside at the Hotel Saratoga

Another feature of the Saratoga’s rooftop is the Mirador restaurant perched on the best corner of Havana.

There are 270º views of the city – and virtually all tables enjoy a direct view of the Capitol building in La Habana Vieja.

The Mirador offers a special service for cocktails, parties and gala events.  Otherwise, diners can take advantage of epic sunset views and enjoy the light menu self-served from the pool bar (itself a fine maker of cocktails).  If you don’t mind eating from the pool-bar menu, this location is an small, private place to absorb the rich colonial architecture that comes alive in waning sunlight.

The rooms at Hotel Saratoga are by far the best we’ve seen in Havana. They are stately and well-preserved from an earlier era.  Rooms feature air conditioning, marble bathrooms, crown molding, satellite TV and room service.  The hotel was by far the cleanest hotel we experienced.  And the morning breakfast buffet was a nice addition to our stay.

Another of Hotel Saratoga’s advantages is the rare ability to book your room online and pay via credit card.  No hotels in Cuba are able to process credit cards in person – an island-wide problem – but some offer the special ability to pay online.  In fact, we found ourselves running low on cash and used this payment method to relieve our situation.  Rarely does technology offer relief in Cuba, but in this case we got lucky.

Hotel Saratoga Havana rooftop
Hotel Saratoga rooftop at sunset

Address: Paseo del Prado 603, esquina a Dragones, La Habana, Cuba

Tel: +53 7 8681000


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