Homemade Tools

In this deleted scene from episode 2, “Bye Bye Boat Motor”, Ricardo shows Dayan some self-made tools and shares the importance of being resourceful. Since it is difficult to find tools in Cuba, Ricardo creates them himself.

Getting The Motor Started

After using a horsecart to transport the new Oldsmobile motor in episode 7, “Seventh Inning Wrench”, Demetrio and team enjoy the excitement of finally starting the motor.   The moment is even more memorable for Demetrio because Michele, his son, is able to hear the engine before his departure for Mexico. For those of you who were confused by Michele’s rapid exit from the series, this deleted scene fills the gap.

After the Announcement

In this deleted scene from episode 5, “Go Go Embargo”, Roberto shares drinks at a bar with friends as they discuss their reactions to the news about normalization of relations between Cuba and the USA. Needless to say, the group fantasizes about what this means in terms of more car parts!

El Rincon

In this deleted scene of the episode 5, “Go Go Embargo”, Dayan and his family make the traditional Cuban pilgrimage to St Lazaro in El Rincon, 25 miles south of Havana. This is the largest pilgrimage in Cuba where people walk without shoes and drag themselves on the ground to fulfill prayers for immediate family members. This 3 minutes deleted scene is completely cultural.

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