Cuba Buddhism

What To Do When Your Buddhism App Fails To Work In Havana

You have a deep curiosity about what it means to exist. You long for the mystery and vitality of spiritual life. You are an intrepid traveler always on the frontier – and today that means Cuba. Yet Havana’s emergence as a spiritual hot spot can become a major inconvenience for travelers, or should I say “pilgrims”, who arrive in Cuba and can’t use their Buddhism apps because of poor Internet connectivity.

Luckily, Havana offers many ways to channel spiritual pathways. You’ll have to take the matter into your own non-digital hands. Cubans sometimes call this “a lo Cubano”, referring to the crafty methods they have developed to cope with the lack of essential parts and supplies common to people in other countries. After all, scarcity is one of the most powerful fulcrums for releasing dormant creative energies.

Modernity collides with a basic truth about simplicity by convincing us that things of value, whether they are ideas or objects, are made more valuable because they are complex. Relax and reflect on the primacy of simple things.

Central Havana is an ideal place to trigger imaginative transformations. Enchantment is at your fingertips. Here’s what to do when you’re in Havana and your Buddhism app fails to fire up.

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