Will There Be A Cuban Chrome Season 2?

Cuban Chrome characters

There has been no announcement – or rumor – about the status of Cuban Chrome Season 2.

Cuban Chrome was the first American television series produced entirely on location in Cuba.  It was narrated by Cuban-American actor William Levy. The series was produced by Pilgrim Studios and broadcast by the Discovery Channel and Discovery en Español in the summer of 2015.

“Logistically it was difficult,” admits executive producer Craig Piligian, “When things went wrong it was not like we could just call up and have parts shipped down to us from Miami.”

According to Pilgrim Studios, it took two years of lobbying the U.S. government before the show could start filming in the summer of 2014. But Piligian’s cameras were there in December 2014 when President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro together held simultaneous TV addresses expressing the new normal.

“There’s literally scenes we have in later episodes in which people are gathered around their TV watching Obama and then Raul Castro, and everyone watching is in tears,” says Piligian.

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