5 Rural Images From Cuba

Rural images have a special quality of reminding us that truth is more closely associated with simplicity than with complexity.  This is most appropriate at the moment in Cuba.  Epic changes between the US and Cuba have created a storm of activity – and also important questions of identity – for Cubans in Havana.  Here are some images of the Cuban countryside and the people who know little about the complexity of events happening in their capital.

5 Rural Images From Cuba was last modified: October 21st, 2015 by Simons Chase
Cuba horsecart

A horse and cart at a highway turnoff that passes next to a banana plantation in Santiago de Cuba

Image by: Dirk van der Made

Trinidad Selling Potatoes_

Two countrymen selling potatoes out of a horse cart in Trinidad, Cuba.

Image by: Rosino

Traditional house in Cuba

Traditional house in a Cuban village, somewhere in the countryside between Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

Image by: Dominique Michel

Landscape of Pinar del Rio

Landscape of Pinar del Rio province, Cuba.

Image by: Adam Jones

Tobacco field

Tobacco field, Campo de Tabaco, Cuba.

Image by: Christopher Michel



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