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Cujo Media, Inc, the holding company for the Cuba Journal, is the leading digital company covering the new Cuba. The publication offers in-depth reporting and analysis on business, breaking news, travel, investment, tech and culture in Cuba. Whether it’s through events, branded content, editorial sponsorships, or strategic partnerships, Cuba Journal is helping to shape the dialogue around Cuba’s current transition, and engaging a passionate community of readers who are vested in seeing Cuba flourish.

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Co-Founder & Publisher

Alexander Britell   (abritell@cubajournal.co)

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Simons Chase (sc@mightyco.co), author of Earth Tycoon and Negativenetworkeffects.com

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Taylor Falk


Jenny Castro


Eileen Torres

Mary Anne Bargan

David P. Rowe

Renese Johnson

Previous Contributors

Meghan Tribe

Hana Jakrlova

Ewa Wrońska

Mimi Fuenzalida

Tim Weed

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