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A Top Specialty Tour Operator to Cuba

When it comes to getting the most out of a tour to Cuba, consider these two things during the planning stages: making sure the tour covers your interests and go with an affinity group if you can.  It is not only more enjoyable, it is more meaningful and educational.

Cuba’s history and relative isolation are appealing to U.S. citizens in ever greater ways. How and why you go to Cuba can make a huge difference in your experience. For example, because of Cuban’s love of and affinity for music, music tours can occupy an entire week. The same applies for all of Cuba’s gifts including art, architecture, music, dance, culture and cuisine.

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Carlson Maritime Travel has been designing specialty tours of Cuba since 2011 when it became legal for U.S. licensed tour companies to do so. The company frequently organizes specialty and affinity tours for small and large groups and more recently for groups and families of under 8 participants.  One recent example was a tour offered in connection with the Henry B. Plant Museum, Tampa, Florida.  In this 5-day exploration of Havana and surrounding World Unesco Sites, travelers enjoyed an amazing trip with fellow museum members and also, through the purchase of the tour, contributed significantly to the museum’s fund-raising efforts.

For those organizations and institutions that are looking for a sizeable contribution to their fund-raising efforts, Carlson Maritime Travel specializes in getting the most of the travel experience and making an impact to fundraising efforts. Carlson Maritime’s next specialty tour concept is a tour that will include a golf tournament in Varadero, Cuba.

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Carlson Maritime Travel is a licensed travel service provider as authorized by OFAC, U.S. Treasury Department to provide  travel to, from and within Cuba for those who are licensed to engage in travel-related transactions involving Cuba either under a general or specific license. Carlson Maritime is also licensed directly with Havanatur/Celimar.

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