Air France-KLM Plans More Flights to Cuba for 2016

Air France in Cuba

Air France-KLM foresees a 15% increase in passenger transportation in 2015 compared to 2014.

The group is seeking to consolidate its position as the principal carrier between Cuba and Europe, Africa and Asia, according to Antoine Cros, general manager for Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Cros said,  “During 2015 more than 420,000 passengers were transported, a figure which confirms our participation in the increase seen in tourism to the island, and demonstrates the positive state of relations between the company and Cuban authorities in the leisure and aviation sectors.”

“The Cuba destination is interesting, not only because of the attractions based on its Caribbean location, but also because of its people, culture and history, which are well known among European, Asian and African tourists,” Cros stated, acknowledging that current demand cannot yet be met, despite the gradual expansion of flights.

Currently, the airline offers 15 weekly flights between Havana and Europe. For 2016, Cros announced that Air France, which has been operating in Cuba for 17 years, is considering three additional flights from Paris, while KLM, whose operations began in Cuba four years ago, will add five weekly flights.

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