Another Company Wants to Launch Ferry Service From Florida to Cuba

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Global ferry and shipping group FRS and Clipper, operator of Clipper Vacations, will combine transportation and tourism expertise to launch a new ferry service from Florida to Cuba, pending government guidance and approval.

The announcement comes following FRS’ recent acquisition of a majority interest in Clipper.

“This is an exciting day for Clipper, as we are thrilled to join forces with another industry leader,” said Merideth Tall, founder, CEO and Chair of Clipper. “FRS is a company that shares our values and our vision for travel and tourism in North America, and has long-term experience in markets around the world. Combining with FRS will allow us to expand our travel products and services to provide many more options for our customers that will now include Cuba.”

Tall will continue to hold her role as CEO of Clipper as well as minority ownership of the company, and will expand the Clipper team to support this new growth.

“Clipper and its leadership team plan to leverage FRS’ long history of managing multi-country operation models as we launch our future growth plan,” she said. “The expansion of operations to Vancouver and Cuba will further benefit both of our Canadian and American destination cities.”

FRS has 150 years of experience in the operation of various ferry types and has grown from a regional passenger ferry operator to an internationally active group that operates routes in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

Clipper is a 20 year-old Seattle-based company best known for owning and operating the Victoria Clipper ferries between Seattle, Victoria, BC, and the San Juan Islands, as well as providing travel packages throughout these regions and others.

— Cuba Journal Staff

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