Tasting the Bolivar Super Coronas Edicion Limitada

Somewhere between the hints of coffee and dark chocolate, the luxurious aroma of black cherry and cacao, I stopped and simply admired this hand-crafted Cuban product.

“This is a special cigar,” I said to myself.

And that’s exactly what the Bolivar Super Coronas is.

This was released back in 2015 as one of Habanos’ “Ediciones Limitadas,” limited-production vitolas that are typically outside the range of sizes traditionally produced in Cuba.

They’re also unique in that wrapper, filler and binder in these cigars have all been aged for at least two years, offering another stratum of texture and complexity and noticeably darker wrappers (coming from the top leaves of the “Tapado” shade-grown tobacco plant).

Don’t let the “Super” name fool you; this is not a large cigar, at 140 mm and 49 ring gauge and a bit wider than your typical corona.

And yes, this puro is unmistakably a Bolivar — rich and flavorful, with the underlying notes of leather and coffee, but it’s something more, something different.

It’s slightly stronger than a normal Bolivar and the flavor notes are more powerful, but they never lose their balance.

It reminds rather strongly of the old Romeo y Julieta Escudo cigar back from 2008, one of my all time favorites.

While it’s no longer in production, it can be found at better Casa del Habano outposts around the world. And if you’re lucky, in a shop in Cuba.

— Alexander Britell

Tasting the Bolivar Super Coronas Edicion Limitada was last modified: March 12th, 2017 by Cuba Journal