China Is Making Its First Film in Cuba


A soon-to-launch film project in Cuba will be making history.

No, it’s not a US movie produdction — although recent loosening of restrictions are making US filmmaking in Cuba far easier.

In fact, it’s from one of Cuba’s oldest friends.

Lovers in Havana will be the title of the first-ever Chinese film to be filmed in Cuba, thanks to an co-production between Qiu Lei and national network RTV Commercial.

Zheng Dawei will be the director of the film, following an official contract signing this week.

The film will be a mix of Chinese and Cuban talent “to make a film that unites it,” says Joel Ortega, executive producer of the film and one of the island’s top film producers.

Ortega said music and dance would have a “fundamental weight” in the film, and will thus be including the musical direction of Jorge Gomez, director of Cuba’s Moncada group.

The film will be the first in a series of four planned film productions in the country.

China Is Making Its First Film in Cuba was last modified: January 27th, 2016 by Cuba Journal