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Cuba Added To Google’s Latin American Digital Health Resource

Google has announced a new digital resource to help Cubans access digital health information.

According to the internet giant, it wants to deliver reliable, quality health information directly to Google Search. Google search results will show information on more than 900 health conditions commonly sought in several Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

These health cards provide a common information framework for each medical condition, including a general description, common symptoms, and treatment routes.For some diseases, you will also see high quality illustrations made by licensed medical illustrators. Once you get this basic information from Google, it should be easier to investigate more on other web sites or know what questions to ask your doctor.

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Google worked with a team of doctors (led by our own Dr. Kapil Parakh, MD, MPH, Ph.D.) to carefully collect, filter and review this information. All the facts gathered represent the practical clinical knowledge of these doctors and of medical sources of high quality throughout the web. Each fact has been verified by more than eleven doctors in Google.

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