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Cuba Has Big Marina Plans

Cuba is planning a major expansion of its marinas.

In light of the expected increase in recreational arrivals to Cuba (in large part from the United States), the business group Boating and Marinas Marlin SA is promoting foreign investment proposals aimed at creating new facilities and expanding those in existence.

According to Business Director Ramiro Mas Camacho, last year the group presented a portfolio of seven projects, three of which will go forward in the coming months.

He said that they have since received several offers from foreign investors for the expansion of the Nautical Base Tarara, with the aim of reaching a capacity of 250 berths in the first stage.

He added that a project at Dársena Varadero marina is also intended to increase berths, while the base project of Santa Lucia, located in Camagüey, also includes a real estate development and golf course adjacent to the facility.

Mas Camacho said that the goal for this year is to secure investors for each proposal, and to sign the agreements by the end of January 2017.

At the recent exhibition of the portfolio at the International Tourism Fair, FitCuba 2016, Mas Camacho spoke of the possibility of establishing management contracts for funding the expansion of the Marina Marlin Santiago de Cuba.

He said that the positioning of the facility in the south of the greater Antilles, near Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, may be beneficial for stopovers and boats that sail regularly in the Caribbean Sea.

He also noted that the group is negotiating with a German company for funding to expand the Marina Cienfuegos, an investment that may also include the construction of theme parks and hotels.

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