Dilemma: Travel to Cuba or Purchase This Sparkly Buddha?

Dilemma: Travel to Cuba or Purchase This Sparkly Buddha?

Depending on the health of your wallet, you may face an important question about how to spend excess cash: do you want an experience that will translate into amazing memories or do you want a piece of art from an art gallery or dealer at home.

Richard E. Jaffe, retail analyst at the investment firm Stifel Nicolaus, observed: “whether it’s going to a festival or sharing a car ride or going to a new city,” it’s becoming more about the experience. “The religion of consumption has proven to be unfulfilling,” he said. “The ‘pile it high and watch it fly’ mentality at department stores no longer works.”

A trip to Cuba is among the most sought after destinations in the world today. Beyond the lure of Cuba’s forbidden fruit quality, the island nation possess a variety of superlatives that are only now being discovered and developed. In architecture, Havana is home to the largest collection of remaining colonial-era architecture in the world. It’s pristine coastline is 40% longer than Florida’s and, as the largest island in the Caribbean, there is a wide variety of terrain. Art, cigars and music complete the mosaic-like quality that can only be summed up as “authentic.”

Starting with the purchase decision, here is one example of what $10,000 can do for you in terms of fine art:

fine art cuba

Lunch not included

Alternatively, here are all the things you might do in Cuba on the same budget for an entire week:

Hotel Saratoga Havana Boutique Hotel

Stay at the Hotel Saratoga – Havana, Awarded Cuba Journal’s Best Hotel in 2015

Hotel Saratoga Havana rooftop

Enjoy the pool and bar atop the Hotel Saratoga

Cuban Music Música cubana

In Cuba, enjoy music everywhere

havana jazz art

Experience amazing street art, rum and cigars all in the same place

Best of Cuba

Let the wind blow back your hair in a vintage American car

Hemingway Billfish Tournament

Fish in Cuba’s pristine waters

People to People in Cuba

Take a “people-to-people” tour of Old Havana

Cuba old car

Take great photos and create memories for a lifetime

Hemingway with swordfish in Cuba

Discover the Cuba Ernest Hemingway loved

paladar in cuba

Visit the Paladar Doña Carmela where Beyoncé and JZ dined

chicken in cuba

Enjoy free range chicken at the Paladar Doña Carmela where Beyoncé and JZ dined

Old Havana night

Experience Old Havana at night

cohiba cuban cigar

Smoke the best hand-made cigars in the world

Rodolfo at the bar at Hemingway's house

Let Rodolfo at the bar at Hemingway’s house mix a cocktail with fresh ingredients

Finally, after all you’ve seen and experienced, your budget would allow the purchase of art from a local Cuban artist like this.

Cuban art

Buy this art in Cuba and take home a story that will last a lifetime.

Here’s what to do in Havana if your Buddhism app fails to work.

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