Forbidden Cuba

Forbidden Cuba: A New Type Of Film For A New Type Of Country

by Cuba Journal staff

Art Jones describes his soon-to-be-released film, “Forbidden Cuba”, as a new type of film that blends fictional characters and a scripted storyline with real people and unexpected events – shot entirely on location in Cuba. Given Cuba’s recent change of course – making it a real-life blend of scripted storylines and unexpected events – it seems this film could only have been set in Cuba.

“We really wanted to make a film that takes narrative story telling and collide it with documentary film making,” according to Jones.

“He’s stripped to his core,” says Jones. “His cell phone doesn’t work. His credit cards don’t work. His laptop can’t get a connection to the mainframe back at headquarters. Cuba washes over him and takes him back to a more primal state, to a state where the stars are above, the ocean and simpler joys, including family and a strong friendship really start to mean something again. That’s the kind of awakening that I think a lot of Americans are looking for.”

With shooting in Cuba complete, the footage will undergo post-production and completion in the U.S. Great Jones Productions has a Kickstarter page to gather support for the final stages of the project. To date, 285 backers have pledged $54,521. The Kickstarter page adds addition color to the upcoming film, “We’ve shot a feature film in Cuba, defying all odds, to reveal an island and a lost American on the verge of revolutionary change.”

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