How Latin America Feels About the US-Cuba Thaw


By the Cuba Journal staff

A new report by Pew Research Center reflects approval from Latin Americans regarding the normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

A median of 77 percent of those polled expressed approval for the recent re-establishment of ties between the nations, and 76 percent support an end to the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, which President Barrack Obama has pledged, pending congressional approval.

The results showed that Latin Americans with higher incomes tended to be more supportive of ending the embargo.

A median of 47 percent of the 6,000 respondents across the six countries surveyed – most notably Venezuelans and Chileans – said they expect Cuba to become more democratic in the coming years.

Latin Americans remain split on their overall view of Cuba, with just a median of just 40 percent expressing a favorable opinion of the country.

Brazil and Mexico hold the most critical ratings of Cuba, reporting medians of 59 and 56 percent harboring unfavorable views, respectively.

No country reported more than a third of the public with confidence Raul Castro – an overall median of just 21 percent reported confidence in the Cuban president.

Venezuela records the highest rate of lack of confidence, with 73 percent, particularly those on the ideological right, reporting doubts in Castro’s ability to do the right thing with regard to world affairs.

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