In Havana, the Joy of the Churro

On a breezy afternoon the line begins to form.

They appear seemingly from nowhere, queuing up around a small cart on an Old Havana street.

This is one of the great rituals of street life in Cuba’s capital: the churro cart.

The famous, aboriginally Spanish dessert, somewhere halfway between a doughnut and a french fry, is ubiquitous in the old town.

You can watch the twisty pastry as its made, from its curlicued dough to the finished, deep-fried product, before it arrives in your hand, a short respite before it is oh-so-quickly consumed.

While no churro’s life is long (it is far too delicious for any other fate), it’s a portable treat, perfect for walking the city’s cobblestoned streets.


And it’s a sine qua non on any trip to Havana.

— Cuba Journal

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