Spaniards Dominate Cuba’s Tropical Mountain Biking Competition

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Earlier this month, Colombian Diego Alejandro Tamayo won the first Titan Tropic by Gaes, joined on the podium by Spaniards Ibon Zugasti and Roberto Bou, also winners in other categories.

After his victory in the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin 2015, Tamayo obtained his second victory in the extreme Cuban rainforest and stunning beaches.

The region’s remarkable and stunning landscape, together with the caliber of many participants, attracted global attention to the competition.  It will return in 2016 along the same route through Las Terrazas, Soroa and Viñales – protected areas due to their rich biodiversity.

Juan Porcar, managing director of RPM and creator of Titan Tropic, highlighted the appeal of the race and thanked all those involved in the organization and execution of the event, which saw participants traverse difficult and hard-to-reach areas on several occasions.

Second place went to Ibón Zugasti, originally from Spain’s Basque country but currently living in Barcelona.  At 43 years old, he demonstrated masterful expertise across the difficult paths of Cuba’s western region, muddied in almost all areas from intense rainfall during the competition. Zugasti was won the Senior category (aged 40-49), while another Spaniard, 50-year-old Francisco Javier Salamero, won the Master division (aged 50-59).

Here is a list of all the Titan Tropic awards:


1.     Gaes 3 (Roberto Bou, Javier Salamero, Carlos Portilla)

2.     Cuba (José Mojica, César Rodríguez, Álvaro Soca)

3.     Imparables (Ibon Zugasti, Raúl Hernández, Tomi Misser)

Dúo Mixto:

1.     Taymory México (Aaron Sánchez / Adriana Fabiola Corona)

2.     Gaes Mixto 1 (Juan Gassó / Claudia Brotons)

3.     Team Quality (Monica Minguet / Joan Montaner)


1.     Francisco Javier Salamero

2.     Sergio Ferrer

3.     Raúl Ulldemolins


1.     Ibon Zugasti

2.     Tomi Misser

3.     Jordi Tardiu


1.     Diego Tamayo

2.     Roberto Bou

3.     José Mojica


1.     Olga Anabel Echenique

2.     Filomena Gomes

3.     Mireia Barberà


1.     Diego Tamayo

2.     Ibon Zugasti

3.     Roberto Bou

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