VIDEO: Comparing Airbnb And Meliá Hotels In Cuba

VIDEO: Comparing Airbnb And Meliá  Hotels In Cuba

Meliá Hotels, the leading foreign hotel company in Cuba, and Airbnb, the U.S.-based room rental platform, are seemingly in the same business. Yet details of each company’s performance in Cuba illustrate how different they are in terms of impact on travelers – with implication for the future of the travel and tourism industry everywhere.

Another New Way to Find a Room in Cuba

Another New Way to Find a Room in Cuba

Since the 2014 US-Cuba rapprochement, finding a hotel room in Cuba hasn’t just been hard — it’s been nigh impossible. But there are other ways to find a place to stay in Cuba, beyond tour operators, local agencies and, of course, Airbnb. But now another major hospitality player has joined the fray. Enter, which … Read more

Airbnb Cuba: This Havana Rental Has Its Own Pool

Navigating Havana’s hotel and rental scene can be tricky, but that’s why Cuba Journal is here to help. Our Airbnb Cuba feature looks at some of the more interesting places to stay in Havana and the wider island. This one, for example, even comes with its own pool and snack bar. The funky property with … Read more

How You Can Stay on a Cigar Plantation in Cuba

Our new feature, Airbnb Cuba, takes a look at the best places to stay on Airbnb in Cuba. And we begin with a stunner: a Pinar del Rio property that’s set on a tobacco plantation. It bills itself as an “authentic cigar and eco tourism experience” in the heart of Cuba’s tobacco region — targeted for … Read more

How Airbnb Is Creating Wealth in Cuba

By the Cuba Journal staff The average state salary in Cuba is somewhere around $20 a month, although many on the island live on far less than that, according to figures from Cuba’s national statistical office. And while Cuba’s economy is slowly beginning to change, one new player in the market is having a far … Read more

How Tech Promises To Radically Transform Cuba

How Tech Promises To Radically Transform Cuba

by Simons Chase According to economic development theory, technology transfer and deregulation hold great promise as a pathway for developing countries, like Cuba, to lift incomes, stimulate foreign direct investment and enhance quality of life.  To date, the ligature between this type of neoclassical growth model and actual results has been government policy supported by … Read more