Washington Announces Further Loosening to Cuban Embargo

Washington Announces Further Loosening to Cuban Embargo

Washington announced today further loosening of air travel and export financing restrictions related to Cuba. The amendments, “will remove restrictions on payment and financing terms for authorized exports and re-exports to Cuba of items other than agricultural items or commodities,” according to a statement from the Treasury and Commerce Departments. “Today’s amendments to the Cuban … Read more

Cuban-American Business Leaders Publish Open Letter

Ten Cuban-American business leaders published a full-page advertisement in today’s Miami Herald after a recent trip to Cuba. According to an article in the Miami Herald, the ten business leaders returned from Cuba convinced that stronger ties to the U.S. would help Cubans.  The advertisement, “An Open Letter to Our Fellow Cuban-Americans”, says, “We saw … Read more

US Senator Klobuchar Acts to Lift the Cuban Embargo

Yesterday, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, the chief author of the Freedom to Export to Cuba Act, continued her pro-Cuba support by highlighting the agreement between the US and Cuba to resume commercial air travel. She said, “Securing commercial flights between the United States and Cuba will make it easier for Americans to seek travel and commerce … Read more

Highlights from The Economist Events’ Cuba Summit

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday’s “Cuba Summit”, organized by The Economist Events, explored Cuba’s changing economic, social and political landscape and what it means for businesses planning a move into Cuba. The island nation faces many challenges as it tries to create a more dynamic and prosperous economy. The Economist editors – along with a diverse … Read more

Obama Administration Suggests Further Easing of Embargo

Reuters has reported that Obama could further relax the U.S. trade embargo of Cuba.  A senior State Department official said on Tuesday that Washington would not first demand human rights progress from Havana. “We are making progress. We are making regulatory changes. We’ll make more,” said David Thorne, a senior adviser to Secretary of State … Read more