Tasting the Punch Punch

One of Cuba’s most esteemed cigars began with a puppet comedy show.

It was the middle of the 19th century when Don Manuel Lopez of Juan Valle & Co, seeking to capitalize on the thriving British cigar market, named a new brand after Mr Punch, the famous puppet of “Punch and Judy” fame.

Today, one of Habanos’ oldest marques remains a beloved brand with a portfolio of cigars that are not nearly as well known as the Montecristos and Cohibas of the world. But they are exceptional.

If Punch has a flagship, it is, in my estimation, the Punch Punch, a cigar so good they named it twice.

This 46 ring gauge by 143mm corona gorda has a wonderfully spicy aroma, with a flavor profile of leather, brown sugar and coffee, along with hints of cocoa powder, though the standout note is a strong finish of toffee.

This cigar is on the stronger side, but the power is controlled, making it perfect as an afternoon or an evening smoke.

Always boasting a great draw, this is a cigar lover’s cigar — one of the reasons why it’s often very hard to find, even in the shops of Havana.

Plainly, this is a must for any humidor, and truly a signature habano.

And that’s no joke.

— Alexander Britell

Tasting the Punch Punch was last modified: May 7th, 2017 by Cuba Journal