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There are many superlatives in Cuba, and as economic and social forces shape the island nation on a daily basis, we strive to category the most current “best of” in Cuba.

Hotel Saratoga Havana rooftop

    • The Best Restaurants in Havana – 2017  When food is prepared, it becomes culture. Visiting Havana’s private restaurants (or paladares) offers participation into Cuba’s mysterious unfolding as enterprising Cubans combine scarce financial resources, effort and imagination into occasions for pleasure (and profit). Click to learn about three amazing restaurants in Havana.

    • The Best Hotel in Havana (2015) There are several upscale hotels in Havana, and more are on the way as Havana slowly transforms into an upscale destination. Our experience at Hotel Saratoga convinced us of this hotel’s superiority based on the things that travelers value most in Havana including a good Internet connection, comfort and aesthetics. Its ideal location is also a major factor.

    • The Most Romantic Restaurant in Havana The Mirador Restaurant is perched on the most scenic rooftop corner of the famous Saratoga Hotel.  There are 270º views of Havana – and virtually all tables enjoy a direct view of the Capitol building in La Habana Vieja (Old Havana).

    • The Best Paladar (restaurant) in Havana The food scene in Havana has changed significantly in recent years. As in, now, there is a food scene. Or a nascent one, at least.With the birth of the paladar, or privately-owned restaurant, several years ago, there are more and more ways to find high-quality food in Cuba.

    • The Best Piña Colada in Cuba (And Probably the Whole Caribbean) It’s one of the Caribbean’s most famous cocktails, and perhaps the one that most typifies the best and worst of Caribbean tourism: the piña colada.

    • The Best Museums in Havana Few cities in the world can claim to possess a collection of museums with the stunning architecture that can be found in Havana.  Cuba’s eventful 400 year history is reflected in the facades and architectural elements that document Spanish rule, revolution and a modern love of cars and rum.  In short, there is something for everyone in the Havana art and architecture scene.

    • The Four Best Beaches in Cuba  Despite an uninterrupted boom in the world’s travel infrastructure in the last 50 years, Cuba’s relatively modest development has some hidden benefits.  One little known benefit from Cuba’s policy of isolation is the preservation of its coastline that remains mostly unspoiled by bulldozers and asphalt. Its pristine beaches sparkle with seashells and vegetation rather than the typical sprawl of highrises and parking lots so familiar to most Western tourists.

    • Cuban Resort of the Year 2015: Grand Memories Veradero The resort, which first launched in April, has quickly become one of the tourism hub of Varadero’s top resorts, both on TripAdvisor and for its sheer design.

    • The Best Cuban Cigar But on recent trips to both Cuba and the wider Caribbean, we’ve become particular to another Montecristo: the Edmundo.

    • The Best Cuban Rum What’s the best rum in Cuba? It’s a question people often asks us, but it’s one that has many answers. Is it the best value, like Havana Club Anejo Especial? Or the most expensive, like Havana Club Maximo? Right now, it’s one: Santiago de Cuba 11 Años.

    • The Best Private Cab Driver in Cuba – 2015 On a recent trip to Cuba, the Cuba Journal staff hired a private taxi driver to get around Cuba and explore the country’s cultural and architectural features.  His name is Yuniel Fernandez.  He can help you in Havana or Veradero – and he will not fail to entertain, protect and guide his customers.  Contact for Yuniel’s email address.

    • How to Stay Connected with Phone and Internet in Cuba.Traveling to Cuba from the United States has gotten a lot easier in the last year, but staying connected while you are there requires some planning.

    • The Best Luxury Hotel in Havana – 2016

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