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Events (and tweets) are moving fast. Stay current with Trump’s Cuba actions here.

March 9th: Advisor Says Trump Believes Cuba Has Given Up Nothing 

February 16: Trump: Rubio and I have ‘very similar views on Cuba’

February 3: Trump administration reviewing Cuba policy: White House spokesman

January 25th:Cuba’s Castro warns Trump to respect country’s sovereignty

Jason greenblatt cuba
Jason Greenblatt

Trump’s Cuba Negotiator Has Ties to the Island Nation

General Kelly
Retired General Kelly – Homeland Security

Trump’s Homeland Security Chief Wants to Share Guantanamo Base with the Cubans

Mike Pence Cuba
Mike Pence, Vice President

trump cuba

Here is Trump’s 1999 Op-Ed About Cuba and Casinos

The State of Affairs Between Cuba and the U.S. on the Eve of Trump

Why Trump Has More in Common with Cuba than He’s Like to Admit

rex tillerson
Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State

Here are Secretary of State Tillerson’s comments about Cuba during his questioning in congress.

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