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Upcoming Cuba Investment Conference Offers Timely Info and Insight

The Cuba Investment Forum – to be held in Ft. Lauderdale on May 12th – promises to be the most timely and informative Cuba investment conference of the year.

US-Cuba relations have improved dramatically in the last 18 months, but the US embargo against Cuba remains in place. Most transactions between the US, or persons subject to US jurisdiction, and Cuba continue to be prohibited, and the US government continues to enforce the rule. The regulatory changes, effective in January, June, and September 2015, as well as in January and March 2016, respectively, are targeted to further engage and empower the Cuban people by facilitating authorized travel to Cuba by persons subject to US jurisdiction; certain authorized commerce and financial transactions; and the flow of information to, from, and within Cuba.Cubamacare Cuba Flag

Planning to expand your business in Cuba or finding markets for your company’s products or services requires due diligence. For doing business in Cuba, risks are falling and opportunities are coming into focus.

As the first major conference about investing in Cuba since Obama’s historic visit, the Cuba Investment Forum is the best way to learn about the complex regulatory environment and hear experts provide vital information and insight about Cuba.

The goals of the conference are to:

  • Inform participants of the most relevant and up-to-date facts on the ground in Cuba, intelligence provided by informed and seasoned experts who work inside the country;
  • Provide essential guidance to investors on the political and legal process being shaped in Washington that will govern how US companies engage with Cuba;
  • Share the best practices and lessons learned of foreign investors and exporters who have succeeded with their business ventures in Cuba.

Industries and verticals addressed:

  • Trade
  • Finance and investment
  • Telecom
  • Energy
  • Port and logistics
  • Infrastructure

Simons Chase, the Cuba Journal’s Chief Editor, will moderate a panel on finance and investment.

Use this link – then click “Get Tickets” for a 20% discount:

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